Chad Holm’s Claim as in his dispute with Carson Wen was without evidence

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Involved in the dispute with Chad Holm, a former employee of Financial Holdings (BVI) Limited (“FHL”), Mr. Carson Wen has already appealed to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in November last year. Mr. Holm was being discovered that he had engaged in activities, without prior consent, that was similar to or competed with activities carried out by his employer. Chad Holm was the employer of FHL, instead of Bank of Asia. Therefore, Bank of Asia, under no circumstance, will be involved in this dispute. Its operation will not be impacted anyway by this dispute.

Bank of Asia is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), founded by Mr. Carson Wen. Bank of Asia was the first in ever 20 years to receive a bank license granted by FSC. It provided numerous banking services by using digital channels. Besides normal services such as deposits and loans, Bank of Asia also provides insurance and investment, asset and wealth management, as well as a very unique lifestyle service. Visit https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/carson-wen-appealed-to-privy-council-in-uk-on-employment-dispute-with-chad-c-holm-861441264.html to learn more about the dispute.

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