China Digital and Online Marketing

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China digital marketing or China online marketing contains different parts. Firstly, search marketing, including search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Baidu, Haosou 360 and Sogou are search engines commonly used in China. 

Search engine marketing refers to placing search ads on search engines. It displays at the top of the search results. With search engine marketing, you can choose your relevant keywords and target the right audience by enjoying free exposure and building brand awareness. Search engine optimization is to apply strategies to improve rankings and visibility of your website in search engines. With the right tactics, such as enhancing website content, optimizing website technical problems and building backlinks, your website will rank up in organic search results and you could enjoy free exposure and traffic. Besides search marketing, China digital marketing or China online marketing also includes social media platforms. For example, WeChat is widely used in China. Business can bring their brand and product messages through social media to raise brand awareness and interact with their potential customers. Also, video is critical to China digital marketing and China online marketing. Nowadays, many people prefer videos other than text. Video with creative and original content will even be more attractive. Brands can also use video to tell a story for branding or selling own products or services. To conclude, to success in China digital marketing or China online marketing, select the right solutions according to business objectives, target audience and type of products and services is the first step to win in the competitive market.

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