Engagement Matters Most

2 min read

In-person interactions are doubtlessly irreplaceable because people can communicate both verbally and non-verbally. However, COVID-19 has already forced many businesses to move from an in-person event to a virtual event solution. At the early stage, the effectiveness of hosting a virtual event is not satisfying because the virtual event solution lowers the level of control of the host. However, the host can at least transmit the information and messages to the attendees. When time passes by, hosts started to wonder how to engage the attendees in the events.


Nowadays, the virtual event solution becomes more mature and user-friendly. Not to mention that it can reach countless attendees around the world at the same time regardless of their locations. It provides different types of activities to cater to different needs. It also automates the appointment process which minimises the manpower cost. All these helps enhance the engagement of the attendees with the time cost saved.


Among different virtual event solutions, the webinar platform is commonly seen. A webinar platform combines a great variety of features of online meetings, training sessions, and even team building activities. From the marketing point of view, it provides hosts with an opportunity to establish a more personal relationship with the attendees. The hosts can even answer complaints and concerns from the attendees directly. The engagement provided by the webinar platform helps retain potential customers and employees because they are allowed to voice out their opinions through valid communication.


After all, the engagement of attendees is the key to the success of both an on-site event and a virtual event solution.


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