Insider tips about blogs and news post writing

2 min read

We all know that writing blogs and news posts for websites are good for SEO, which means ranking well on search engines. But are there any insider tips about blogs and news post writing available so that we can achieve more with less? Well, the tips written below are just for you.

First, you have to write consistently. Around 300 words per blog per week is good enough. Just brainstorm any interesting industry-related topic and try to break them down into bite-size ones. Let’s say you work in a digital marketing company and you want to cover “social media marketing” on your blogs, your first blog can be “What is social media marketing”, while the second being “Why social media marketing matters”, the third being “Facebook marketing”, and the fourth being “Instagram marketing”, etc. And now you have four blogs ready, which is perfect for a month worth of uploads!

Second, you can follow your competitors’ blogs or “News” pages and see what they are writing about. You certainly don’t want to copy word-for-word but it is always a good idea to take inspiration and see if you can provide more insights or a different perspective to your audience.

Third, you should repost your blogs and news posts on social media. Social media platforms are very powerful, reposting there can significantly increase the exposure for your work and your brand as whole. Likewise, sending your blogs and news posts in email blasts are smart. So why not take the extra step?

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