Limited Partnership Funds in Hong Kong

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Come into effect in August, 2020, the Limited Partnership Funds Ordinance allows the establishment of Limited Partnership Funds in HK. It further allows the registrations of eligible private funds as Limited Partnership Funds, instead of Unit Trust Fund and Open-ended Fund Company which are more suitable for mutual fund and hedge fund. Types of possible Limited Partnership Funds include but are not limited to venture capital, private equity, real estate and infrastructure.

Because of its simple structure, which requires only at least one general partner and one limited partner, LPF is not complicated to set up. Setting up a LPF in HK does not require much capital and cost right now, which makes LPF setup even more easier. If your LPFs in HK are able to meet certain requirements, The Unified Funds Tax Exemption can also exempt your LPFs from Hong Kong profits tax.

LPF Setup with CityLinkers

To jump on the bandwagon, CityLinkers is here to assist any company or any organization in having their LPF setup. Different from other similar companies, CityLinkers strive at designing at tailor-making the perfect and the best solution for you if you are going to have your LPF in HK. With CityLinkers’s professional advice and guidance on your LPF setup, you are able to scale up your business and reach your milestone faster than ever before. CityLinkers is not only your advisor and assistant in your LPF setup, but also your business partner that grows up your business and makes it successive. It provides you with all-in-one solutions towards the LPF setup, such as reviewing the document required and structuring the application, from consulting to tracking the operation of your LPFs. Click here if you want more information.

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