The Home Of Virtual Event Solutions

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UC-Now is the pioneer company that assist with organizing Virtual Event Solution and Employee Training Scheduling Solution. With the difficult times our world is facing, virtual meet-ups and virtual activities are more popular than before. The demands of hosting virtual events in replacement of actual face-to-face meet up have spiked dramatically. Thankfully, the Virtual Event Solution team at UC-Now acknowledged the needs of an effective digital space to host all kinds of virtual events hence created the UC-Now virtual platform to support all kinds of virtual events. The Virtual Event Solution Team also created the Employee Training Scheduling Solution, for enterprises to better manage their employee’s training needs and training schedule. The Employee Training Scheduling Solutions enables companies to better organize trainings for their employees by combining all necessary information into one platform. Employers can now understand their employees’ training needs better as data is now more accessible. UC-Now is aware that with better data management and accessibility, trainings can be easier organized. Moreover, the Employee Training Scheduling Solution allows Employees to access trainings in their own terms. They are able to schedule trainings to fit their own schedule and re-access the trainings as they like. Trainers can also better understand the trainees’ needs by creating pre-training quizzes to understand their knowledge prior to the training.  With the Employee Training Scheduling Solution enabled in your workplace, training is much easier than ever. The Virtual Event Solution is the one-stop-shop for all your virtual event needs, contact UC-Now today for your next event.



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