The Leader You Can Trust

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Bank of Asia (BVI), part of the Sancus Group, is led by Mr. Carson Wen. Mr. Carson Wen has completed his education in the US and the UK, majored in economics and law, respectively. Mr. Carson Wen not only has an esteemed educational background, but he also has years of working experience as he practiced law for over 30 years in his own partnership and in global leading law firms. Serving as a Justice of the Peace of Hong Kong, Mr. Carson Wen has dedicated his work towards finance and law, therefore, he has been awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star in Hong Kong of his contribution to the economic ties between Hong Kong and China. Mr. Carson Wen has also ensured his clients, that the recent legal dispute will not affect the bank he led, Bank of Asia (BVI), in any ways. Mr. Carson Wen has recently put in an appeal towards the council in the UK, against his ex-employee who has been charged with few breaches. To understand more about the case, click here: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/carson-wen-appealed-to-privy-council-in-uk-on-employment-dispute-with-chad-c-holm-861441264.html Mr. Carson Wen has ensured that the bank will continue to deliver outstanding banking services for the customers. Should there be any concerns in finance within the offshore jurisdiction, Bank of Asia (BVI) is the bank one could trust. The team in Bank of Asia could provide not only financial advice but also legal advice when it comes to income and assets management. They have also incorporated pioneering banking technology and therefore, managing finance can be more effective than before.

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