EDU FHM Reviews its Achievements and Presents Future Plans

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Students all over the world have been showing interest in a reputable educational institution EDU FHM that offers a unique approach to studies and helps talents maximize their academic potential. This Faculty uses the comparative culture of care approach that bases on communication and empowerment, which is highly demanded globally.

EDU FHM recently celebrated its 10th anniversary which served as an ideal opportunity to review all the achievements of the Faculty and present future plans. Although the institution’s systems are already at an advanced level, founders and an expansive staff team continually bring innovations to keep up with the latest global changes and provide top-quality education for regional and international students.

With over 240 staff members and 8 centers/research centers, EDU FHM provides all-inclusive education that enables its students to compete with peers from the best-known Universities in the world. One of the latest confirmations of the quality of EDU FHM’s programs states that several scholars of the Faculty of Humanities ranked among the world’s top 2% of scientists by Stanford University.

Future students can choose between 4 Departments, all designed to provide a solid foundation and advanced theoretical and practical knowledge that will be crucial for their future academic achievements. They can apply to Chinese Language Studies, English Language Education, Linguistics and Modern Language Studies, and Literature and Cultural Studies. In case students need help choosing adequate Departments suitable for their sphere of interest, they can get more information about programs on FHM’s website or directly from the Faculty where they can discuss their goals, ambitions, and talents with qualified professionals.

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