Providing Mental Health Support HK to Young People

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A non-profit organization in Hong Kong, KELY, has been providing Mental Health Support HK to young people in the region since 1991. Equipping youth with the skills and knowledge required for healthy development is extremely important. Programs that focus on mental health help young people individually and affect the future of society.

Mental Health Service

The Mental Health Support HK by KELY assists people between the age of 14 and 24 in stress management, drug, and alcohol abuse, and supports them in decision making regarding their future. KELY mainly collaborates with educational institutions. This group offers carefully-designed programs to schools and suggests the most effective methods to engage students in new activities.

One of the initiatives of KELY Support Group is the Coolminds. This organization partnered with Mind HK to create Coolminds and the results have been outstanding. The initiative revolves around the prevention and early intervention related to substance abuse, as well as mental health management. All these aspects are critical and they require special attention from educators.

Mental Health Support

With Coolminds, KELY, and Mind HK aim to help youth recognize emotions, work on controlling negative feelings, while productively using the positive feelings and learning how to manage stress and avoid drugs and alcohol. The Mental Health Support HK also provides quality information and help to teachers and educators. They can easily access valuable materials that can assist them in managing critical cases of their students or children. With KELY’s help, young people will receive adequate support in achieving their goals and staying on a prosperous path, which is the ultimate goal of every community.

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