Teen Mental Health Service HK Positively Influencing Students

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KELY Support Group has been providing an exceptional Teen Mental Health Service HK for over 30 years! In collaboration with educational institutions and various communities, this organization managed to positively influence young people in the region.

In 1991, mental health was not as talked about as it is today. The founders of KELY, however, noticed the struggles of the youth and they felt an urge to help. Thus, an enthusiastic team created a plan and services that focused on drug and alcohol abuse, and general mental health of young people. KELY’s staff started to offer these services to various institutions and slowly began to enter schools and become an important part of education.

KELY’s Teen Mental Health Service HK captivates students and helps them learn significant lessons about mental health and substance abuse. Through interesting workshops and initiatives, this organization assists members in developing skills and knowledge that help them resist addictions and manage stress. By keeping those two aspects under control, students have higher chances to succeed and grow into healthy, prosperous people.

Teen Mental Health Service HK is primarily created for age groups between 14 and 24. The founders believe young people at that age are vulnerable and could easily fail into traps of addiction if they are not educated and monitored appropriately. With KELY’s lessons, students will learn all the dangers of drugs and alcohol; they will learn potential consequences as well as defending mechanisms that will help them avoid harmful substances and resist the influence of peers.

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