Young Mental Health Service Offers Support to Youth in HK

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KELY Support Group (KELY) is a non-profit organization that provides outstanding educational programs to institutions in Hong Kong. The Youth Mental Health Service by KELY primarily focuses on teaching students how to cope with their emotions and avoid abuse of harmful substances. Thus, one of the most-requested KELY’s programs is the Alcohol Prevention Strategy HK.

One of the latest movements of this group is Coolminds. It is an initiative that KELY started in partnership with Mind HK to bring the best international practice in the field of Young Mental Health Service to Hong Kong. Coolminds promotes mental health awareness and support and emphasizes the importance of these programs to students, teachers, and parents.

Young Mental Health Service provides information and courses to parents and teachers that help them support children effectively in different circumstances. In the case of Alcohol Prevention Strategy HK, only workshops or lessons are not enough to truly prevent people from drinking excessively. There is a continuous need of supporting these individuals and dealing with them in the right way; KELY helps with that.

Even if parents have the best intentions, they don’t always know how to help their kids. They frequently get upset and react impulsively, which causes negative reactions of the children. A continual negative approach can cause horrendous consequences without repair, despite the good intentions. With KELY’s assistance, that will not happen. Parents can learn exactly how to approach the mentioned issues and handle them calmly and effectively, which will bring positive, long-term results.

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