A Rewarding Wine Course

1 min read

I have recently gone to a long-standing wine school Hong Kong and joined a rewarding wine course Hong Kong. The school I went to is called “Corvino”. They offer several WSET courses. If students are serious about learning wine professionally, they can even go for Master of Wine study programs in the future. Let me share with you how amazing this wine school Hong Kong is.  

First, it offers a comprehensive and intense, yet fun and informal learning experience. I’ve learnt what it takes to become a skilled and confident wine drinker. 

Second, as I have mentioned above, they have several wine courses and workshops. It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or expert, they have courses that suit your level. I love how inclusive they are. Classmates can learn from one another and they can together be on the journey of going from beginner’s level to advanced level.  

Third, it offers a dynamic alumni program, perfect for wine enthusiasts and members of the wine industry to widen their networks, and for the more casual wine lover to be part of the most exclusive wine club and events in Hong Kong. 

If you’re looking for a nice wine course Hong Kong to join, Corvino won’t disappoint! 

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