How to Write a Compelling Article for School

1 min read

Do you know how to write a compelling post for Instagram or article for school? If you want some ideas, keep reading.

First, you should make sure that your first paragraph of the post or article makes a strong impression. You can do this by using simple sentences and short paragraphs.

Second, make the main point of the post or article easy to understand. A good way to ensure that your main point is easy to understand is to use a lot of ‘active’ verbs. Active verbs are words like ‘go,’ ‘come,’ ‘be,’ ‘get,’ ‘do,’ ‘see,’ and ‘hear.’ They help to make your article more interesting and compelling.

Third, be concise. The key to writing a good post or article is to be concise. It is very easy to ramble on for a long time in an article, but if you keep writing, you will end up with a post or article that is not only difficult to read, but also difficult to remember.

Finally, write about something that matters. A great way to make your post or article stands out from the crowd is to write about something that matters to you. If your post or article is about something that doesn’t matter to you, it is likely that no one else will care about it either.

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