WSET Level 1 for Wine Enthusiasts is Available in Hong Kong

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CorVino can teach you all the skills you need to know to become a wine expert! WSET Level 1 is your starting point – attend this outstanding course and stop being only a wine enthusiast – become a professional instead. The process is easy and simple; you just need to be dedicated and willing to learn.

WSET qualifications are well-known worldwide. They are available in over 70 countries, where more than 800 approved program providers help people learn impressive wine-tasting techniques. One of those providers is CorVino, a prestigious wine school located in Hong Kong. Here, you can attend WSET Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Depending on your current knowledge, you can join a suitable course.

Even if you are an experienced wine taster, it is recommended that you attend courses of all levels, without skipping WSET Level 1. CorVino’s courses are engaging, content-rich and extremely interesting. Regardless of your experience, you will learn something new at this innovative school. Perfecting basic skills is crucial in the wine industry. You build all your future knowledge and techniques on the foundation, make sure your foundation is solid! The first level of WSET course will teach you how to explore wines through taste, sight and smell. Innovative educators use advanced tools and practices to make courses captivating and easy to understand. You will have a great time while building your knowledge impressively. After finishing the WSET Level 1, you can always proceed to the higher levels and bring your wine-tasting techniques to a master level!

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