A quick introduction to thermal cameras and network cameras

2 min read

One of the symptoms that COVID-19 presents is the increase in human body temperature, that is, fever. For this reason, one of the measures being used to control the pandemic and detect possible infections is the measurement of body temperature. Thermal camera is thus quite popular in Hong Kong nowadays. They are devices used to measure human temperature without contact and are capable of precise analysis. Thermal camera can also detect body temperature of large groups of people all at once, making it incredibly easy in a packed city like Hong Kong. Benefitting from advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, thermal cameras measure the thermal emission of people, save images, and trigger the alarm system whenever a person is detected to have a fever. Detecting body temperature with a thermal camera is a method used by a lot of organizations and companies in Hong Kong – you should jump on the bandwagon and buy one too!

When it comes to the world of network cameras, DiSS is definitely a brand worth mentioning. DiSS is always keen on innovation and serves to provide the most impressive ultra-high-definition video viewing experience to its customers. The DiSS 180° Panoramic H. 265+ Mini Bullet Network Camera, for example, has taken the market by storm. Not only does it deliver 4K resolution, but also achieves 180° panoramic viewing with just a single sensor – which is a revolutionary creation in the bullet model. Not to mention, the advanced built-in microphone is weatherproof, reliable, and provides very clear audio. Don’t worry about the installation. With the well-designed integrated junction box, you can install the camera easily and quickly.

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