New SHARP Printer Increases the Office Productivity

2 min read

The office is a place where productivity needs to always be at the highest possible level in order to achieve good results. One of the crucial factors of a productive workplace is the equipment. SHARP Corporation introduced an innovative printer that goes beyond the classical device that most offices use. This photocopier serves various purposes and increases the level of office performance significantly.

S.A.S Electric, the official distributor of SHARP products in Hong Kong, has been actively supplying offices in this region and improving their working capacity. With the new printer, the manufacturer managed to satisfy various office needs.

Apart from printing the widely used A4 format, this device is also printing large papers, known as banners. This feature is extremely rare. Office workers usually need to go to the local printing companies to print banners for business purposes. With the new SHARP device, that is not necessary. They can print large banners directly at the office.

Users of the innovative SHARP printing machine can easily get used to it as it is very simple to use. The device has a self-explanatory touch display that makes the user experience friendly and pleasant. Also, owners of the SHARP printing device can print documents from the cloud or their smartphones.

The resolution of printed material is very high, as well as the printing speed. Customers that order a SHARP multi-functional printer can get the advantage of all the premium features of this device and use them for promotional and other purposes that will help their businesses significantly.

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